Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

Extra slim
compact Quick
Wireless power on Qi Compatible devices
Fast charger
Wall charger and cable sold separately

Fast charging without cables
Forget about slow and impractical charging. With the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, you can recharge your smartphone without looking for and plugging in the power cord. Just put your smart phone on a wireless charger that uses fast charging technology.

Advantages of super thin design
The wireless charging pad does not need fans to cool it, so it retains its sleek and practical super-thin design. So you can easily put it in your luggage when you go on the road.

Practical Qi compatibility
Share the benefits of faster wireless charging with family and friends. The wireless charging pad is fully compatible with various devices that support the Qi standard. And if you still need to recharge the battery with a cable, use the integrated USB-C port.


Samsung Wireless Charger Pad

Color: Black