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New Buy Back Price List

New Buy Back

Pre-Owned Buy Back Price List

Pre-Owned Buy Back
  • All phones sold to us are subject to the SPEX (Stolen and Lost Property Index) screening procedure which is mandated by the Police Licensing Unit; we are unable to accept the trade or sale of any phone that is found to be lost or stolen, 

  • Sellers are required to produce their ID/passport/work permit/etc for verification & recording purposes.

  • We reserve the right to reject any offers at our sole discretion without any specific reasons.

  • For us to accept phones stated as "new condition", the phone must be brand new with all plastic protection sheets on the phone intact.

  • For iPhones to be accepted as "new condition", the iPhone activation must be within 3 days (Original Telco receipt dated within 3 days for our retention).

  • Items must come with local warranty card where applicable. Warranty card must not stamped nor filled.

  • Exchanged sets are considered as "used condition". 

  • Please check for the pricing with us if you by have more than 1 set to sell.

  • Price quoted is only for local warranty sets.

  • We do not lock in buy-in prices.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • *Items with "*" symbol must be non-activated in order to be accepted as "New condition" phone with the corresponding buy back pricing. 

Buy Back Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditons
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